We are a purpose driven organization with the vision of mitigating the effects of depression and promoting mental health literacy among communities through education, awareness and advocacy…

The Face Behind The Vision

Kelvin Opiepie Okeoghene, (CDC) is an African Youth Transformation Ambassador who is currently leading a mission to help people from depression.

Our Focus

We Create Awareness

We organise awareness campaigns on mental health through our social media outlet and physical outreach.

We Provide Safe Place

We provide a conducive environment that allows individuals suffering from mental illness to speak up and seek help.

We Challenge Stigma

We challenge stigma and discrimination on mental illness by engaging the public on relevant information regarding mental health.

We Empower

Mental health is a huge part of our everyday lives. Hence, LEAD will be empowering people on this subject matter, this will not only create awareness but it will also go a long way in creating possibilities for a healthier lifestyle.

Our Programs

LEAD programs are important parts of our Mental Health Outreach. These programs are carried out periodically and are uniquely designed to promote awareness and educate our audience on Mental health, they are experience based, relatable and encourage inclusiveness conversations as opposed to stigmatization and other negative practices.

These programs are also created to encourage public involvement at all levels, as we believe everyone will have a part to play in creating a mentally healthy community.

Get Involved

You want to know more about how you can become involved with LEAD? There are many ways to join us and to get involved. You can apply to become a volunteer, or a mental health professional. You can connect with us as corporate partners, donate to our cause and join our global community committed to promote mental health literacy…

Client's Feedback

I have been struggling with Depression since 2018 and I didn’t really know I was depressed. I only thought it was mere sadness because of the situations around me until time went on and it continued, people talked, yet I felt I wasn’t depressed, it really affected my relationships with people, my friends and I was always wanting to be indoors…

LEAD Foundation Projects
Our Community

We are a community of youths who are passionate about creating a world where mental illness can be openly discussed without fear of stigmatization. Join us in our course of serving humanity by promoting mental health literacy in our communities.

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Ensure Child Education Over The World

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Ensure Child Education Over The World

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