Our Vision

To mitigate depression to the barest minimum.

Our Mission

LEAD Community Foundation was founded on the basis of orienting the world on the illness depression, addressing societal misconceptions, providing conducive and accessible care to clients suffering from depression and all this will be achieved by engaging the community through social media and physical outreach.  

Our Goal

Is that more people battling depression anywhere around the world starting from our local communities to cities can feel free to speak up about their mental health state and access treatment without fear of being stigmatized.

Community Programmes

LEAD Community Foundation,  was founded in 2018 by Mr Kelvin Opiepie. After recovering from depression in 2016, the founder started an extensive research on mental health while giving more attention to depression, during his research He found out some alarming statistics and facts which he considered threatening. He continued with his research and by 2017, he decided to share his story on his facebook’s timeline, he got quite a number of responses and few people reached out to him about going through similar depressive episodes, being a psychologist and having undergone some training, he started counselling them as they were mild cases. By November 2018, he decided to start up the foundation as a way of contributing to humanity and also creating a conducive environment for people to speak  about their mental health without fear of being stigmatize, he shared the vision with 15 persons and by 18th of November 2018 the foundation became operational.

Over the years the foundation has grown from just fifteen volunteers to over 250 volunteers from across 3 different countries. though still in its early years, the foundation has reached over 10,000 persons from the globe, offering therapy to more than 70 persons and carried out several awareness campaigns and seminars both on site and online.


Elijah Ebruphiyo


Mental Health Advocate/Graphics Designer



Pharmacologist/Mental Health Advocate



Leadership & Mental Health Coach

Precious Asanimor

General Secretary

Advocate For Good Health And Wellbeing

layefa deinfegba

media & publicity director

Marketer/Event Manager

Olubola Noimat Adepoju

Recruitment Director


Olufemi Morgan

Administrative Director

Pharmacist In Training

princess igbinigie

welfare director

Mental Health Advocate

Victory Oyovwona

Welfare Director

Elijah Ebruphiyo

Chief Administrative Officer

Chinaza Blessing

Program Director

Marvis Egwu

Project Coordinator

Fidelis Omasan

Media Director

Elisha Favour

Asst Publicity

Obitta Adeola

Creative Team Leader

Adesina Bidemi Mariam

Osun State Coordinator

Ihonde Deborah

Assistant Program Director

Olubola Adepoju

Head of Specialty

Ludaaga Ismael

Assistant Recruitment Manager

Chisom Oliaku

Assistant Secretary

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