Men Don’t Cry!

Why Men Don't Cry!

When it comes to processing emotions, there are different expectations for men and women. Because women are often viewed as “sensitive,” it’s socially acceptable for them to express their feelings, But men, who are seen as strong and fearless, are not encouraged to outwardly express their emotions.

Why Don’t Men Cry? Crying is a biological response to any kind of emotional stimulus. Then why is it believed that crying or showing emotions is a strictly for women not men. I hope this post contributes to changing the stereotypes in which masculinity is interpreted and expressed, erasing the traditional stigma of what it means to be a man, and helping men express their emotions. The solution to this issue is for men to learn how to become vulnerable and allow themselves to express their emotions freely. Men expressing their emotions is not a sign of weakness but strength.



Kelvin opiepie, cdc

Founder/Executive Director, LEAD Community Foundation.


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