The LEAD campaign programs are an important part of our Mental Health Advocacy. These programs are carried out periodically to enable LEAD to create more awareness about depression, the foundation and the need for everyone to work together in order to combat the illness.

Our campaigns are targeted at enabling people to become more aware of depression as a mental illness, their personal mental health and the need for them to give utmost priority to it. This also give people the freedom of speaking up, as it tackles the issue of stigmatization. Apart from the above mentioned, our campaign programs also include receiving public opinions on depression, with which we will carry out further evaluation, coupled with research to suggest possible solution and prevention approaches.

The campaigns are done both online (using messages carried on e-flyers and other media contents) and onsite (using flyers, banners e.t.c.) to create this visibility. 

The LEAD campaign programs include;

1. Rallies

2. Road walks

3. E-campaigns

4. Opinion polls

5. Street Acts

Street rally, Lagos State Nigeria.