We Welcome You To An Amazing Year Wth LEAD COMMUNITY FOUNDATION


Often after someone dies by suicide, their loved ones will say they had no idea or didn’t see any signs the person was depressed. Mental illness is tricky in that it knows how to cover itself up when others are around.

This theme is very important in raising awareness about mental health conditions and encouraging a conversation which could save a life one at a time.

Depression affect rising numbers of people worldwide, and African communities are among the most vulnerable. Having a conversation with family, friends or a healthcare professional can be key. LEAD is proud to unveil our theme for the year to encourage people to #ReachOut.”

With the launch of our theme, we wholeheartedly believe we are on course once again in the fight to mitigate depression to it’s barest minimum.


We Welcome You To An Amazing Year Wth LEAD COMMUNITY FOUNDATION


Get Active! Get Involved!

Last year’s theme was LET’S REACH OUT and truly our theme had a great impact on our activities last year, for the records in a single year since inception of LEAD we had more physical campaigns and online webinars and we also exceeded the number of persons reached. This is due to everyone who has participated and contributed to our vision to ensure mental health literacy is achieved in every community. I greet you all though we have done remarkably well but it’s a call for greater responsibility from every single one of us this year.

Despite the successes recorded, mental health is still increasing and one of the major challenges facing mental health in Africa is the issue of stigma and that has prevented a lot of people from speaking up. Our goal this year is to get everyone active on this course. If we must mitigate the numbers then we must unify our efforts and work towards improving mental wellbeing by actively getting involved.

Taking the LEAD will require every one of us to use our area of influence to talk about mental health in a less stigmatizing manner. This is not time for guess work but for action driven because our success this year will hinge on our efforts to help others and I believe that’s why we are here to serve humanity.



Even though improving mental health and wellbeing is included in the Sustainable Development Goals, mental health is yet to be sufficiently taken into account by healthcare systems. Only around 2% of the global healthcare budget is being allocated to mental health with no significant rise, even though the global impact of mental disabilities and mental disorders is increasing.

On 29th January 2022, LEAD will host the 1st edition of the mental health summit.

This summit aims to strengthen our community efforts that support mental health, promote mental wellness and foster worldwide innovative experiences. The two priorities of this edition will be the integration of mental health in health and how we can prioritize mental wellness.

You can catch up with the Conference live on Instagram at @leadproject8.



Depression is gaining more and more attention everyday, and this is due to the ranging effect it has inflated on the human race over the last few decades. It has recently become the leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease, and with about 300 million current victims globally (As recorded by WHO). These are real life figures and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It’s even quite interesting to note, as the numbers increase over time, not only has it affected this generation but it remarkably stretches toward the coming generation. Our teenagers are being victimized too. Teen depression has also risen over the recent years that between 2020 and 2021, the Mental Health America (MHA) recorded the rate of depression in youth increase from 9.2% to 9.7%. This is not normal and should be treated with urgency.

This is why the LEAD Team at Osun State, Nigeria has taken the initiative to pay a sensitization visit to Moremi High School, Osun state. Students were sensitized on Depression, it’s causes, symptoms and treatment measures. At the end, the school was glad to have received the team and we are satisfied to have contributed this portion to a better humanity.

LEAD has risen for this course, but we can not do this ourselves. We call on everyone around the world to protect our teenagers from this pledge. Let’s pay attention to their mental health, support them through their everyday struggles and please, seek help for them if the situation is beyond your control.



According to WHO, bullying is a threat or use of physical force, targeted at an individual, a specific community or group which may result in injury, physical damage, some development disorder or deficiency, death. Bullying often rests on imbalance in power, wealth, social status, physical strength or size. Bullying has taken deep root into our society that it’s considered normal in our society, however, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2019, youths who get bullied are at a higher risk for depression, anxiety, lower academic performance and quitting school.

Given the prevalence of bullying and its long lasting negative impact on the society, it becomes imperative that measures are taken to address it and this is why we started an initiative during the first quarter of 2022 to empower students and schools with prevention and intervention skills to reduce the occurrence of bullying, curb its effect and heal its psychological, social, sexual and physical consequences. So far, we’ve gotten approval from the management of 8 schools across Nigeria and been able to reach out to over 1,500 students. The management of these schools are not left out as our team ensured that they are briefed on the role they can play in helping address bullying in their institution.

For us at LEAD Community Foundation, we have made the pledge to continue pushing for mental health literacy and we will keep doing whatever it takes to create a society where mental health is given priority.