Since inception of LEAD, we have committed our resources towards mitigating the effects of depression and promoting mental health literacy across communities in Africa where mental health issues is highly stigmatized and that has prevented people from speaking up. As a result of our efforts thousands of people have been educated through our program both online and onsite and free counseling by our mental health professionals.

Support us with our mission of orienting our community on mental health issues, addressing societal misconceptions, early intervention and prevention, providing conducive and accessible care to clients suffering from mental health issues and support their recovery.


As a body, our community of volunteers are of great importance to our essence, as they ensure we remain relevant at what we do as an organization and deliver our mission with excellence and professionalism. Because we run on a campus structure, the LEAD system maintains an active youth based (18years to 35years) selection approach for its volunteers, who are recruited from all walks of life, and regardless of religious beliefs, gender, and ethnicity.

Currently, LEAD accommodates over 250 youths across Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya.