Mental Health Support

Beyond just advocating for Mental Health and creating awareness about depression, LEAD Community Foundation also offers professional support and therapy to victims. We are interested in restoring full health to everyone suffering from this illness.

Our Mental Health Support include a series of programs, ranging from; Psychological First Aid; which is focused on supporting victims in distress, Counseling; which focus on offering therapy to diagnosed victims and social support, which is a system that enhances and solidifies the recovery process.

Our qualified professionals are highly trained, with trusted credibility in the field. We have a team of Psychologists, Psychological First Aiders, and Counsellors, among others trained in this field. They create a conducive environment for depression victims to express themselves, listen without judgement, offer psychological support and stop at nothing to ensure they are better and see them live their everyday lives above depression with healthy minds.

At LEAD we provide judgement-free information and support to young people and adults on a range of issues including mental health problems. People can access LEAD support any time of the day through our social media platform, email or phone call.